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PostSubject: Filming Yotes   Filming Yotes EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 2:57 am

After watching a ton of videos the past couple of weeks, I've learned one thing for sure. Leave the camera running from the first squeak of the set until the last! I see alot of guys hitting the record button when they see the dog right before the shot. I think it would be cool to show the hole thing, from picking your calling point, why you picked it, where you think the dogs will come from, and the sound sequence you use and why. If it's a long set, you can always edit and show how much time has elapsed up until the kill.

I've always filmed Turkey and Deer hunts, so I have alot of experience I can apply to Coyotes. Just gotta figure out a few new techniques and sequences but I think I can lay down and edit some pretty cool hunts. As soon as Coyote Commander is done with his tournament this weekend, I think the camera will be put to work!
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Filming Yotes
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