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 Two days off

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Two days off Empty
PostSubject: Two days off   Two days off EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 2:13 am

The North wind was blowin up somthin fierce and it wasnt a day out fit for man nor beast. I only had two days off and new I had to squeaze in as much hunting as possible. I loaded up all the gear I could get to fit in my back pack grabbed my Rem.243 and headed out. I grabbed the 243 because it was a tack driver and was a good all round gun. I planned on starting the day stand hunting for whitetails then if nothing was moving I would break out my electronic predator call and see what happened.

The morning passsed with little help from me. The few young does and fawns that frequented my field didnt bother to show for breakfast and only one lone small buck with a twisted leg came to sample the greens i planted for them. As the norning drug on I got a bit impatient and broke out my custom built Jeff Stewart original caller. Which consisted of my sons MP3 player a pair of battery powered computer speakers and a long cord.

I started the call sequence with the usual cottontail distress and no dice. i waited about 30 minutes and hit the canine pup distress call. It took only about 7 minutes for a young cat to come cautiously creeping down the edge of the field. As I raised my rifle a movement caught my eye and To my suprise 2 young cats had responded. At 200 yards I knew either cat would take a dirt nap yet I wanted them both. So I waited and waited and waited. Finally The two young cats had made it half way across the field. I raised my rifle and took a fine bead on the cat in the back. At the crack of the rifle the young cat in the rear disappeared. the lead feline bolted right in my direction as I had hoped. I started sqeaking on my hand and the cat came to a dead stop stairing dead at where I was sitting. The rifle cracked once more. Two young male cats whom had most likely just been kicked out by the mother. The day ended up about as good as you can get.
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Two days off
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